Consent Studio

A Consent-Forward Community

Welcome to the Consent Studio

Studios are inherently creative spaces. They allow us to practice new skills, refine old ones, and afford the freedom to make mistakes. The Consent Studio is an online community, a comprehensive library of consent and intimacy curricula and resources, and a brave space to practice and learn - all rolled into one digital platform.

Our platform synthesizes years of research and practical experience to create simple, easy-to-use, curricula and resources for performing arts programs across the globe.  We make it possible to equip your entire team with the skills necessary to train the next generation of artists to be consent forward and creativity-focused. 

It takes more than empathy and being a good listener to incorporate consent into every aspect of your artistic practice. Including consent in your work means addressing the ways that systemic and structural inequities affect your community. It means putting the policies in place that support the most vulnerable among us. It means learning the communication skills to truly be able to bravely pivot when faced with a difficult situation. Inside the Studio, you’ll find the theoretical and structural information you need to prioritize consent and the wellness of your students, colleagues, and collaborators.